I-9 Verification Services

Most companies employ individuals who work remotely at the convenience of their own space. The federal government of US is keen on verifying that each company or business complies with the required conditions to complete the I-9 forms of such employees.

The I-9 forms are issued by USCIS or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration for the purpose of verification of two conditions:

  • The employment eligibility of the employee
  • Verifying the identity of the employee

This is applicable to the employees hired in the US by the employer or company. The I-9 form is to be filled by both the employee as well as the employer. At times, the employer may choose to go with an authorized representative to fill the I-9. The next step involves the submission of valid documents by the employee. These documents are then scrutinized by the employer or the authorized representative. The documents submitted by the employee must prove him eligible to work in the US.

The I-9 form does not require notarization. This form doesn’t include a certificate wording or affix a Notary seal to this form. As mentioned earlier, the employer can choose to assign the I-9 form completion to an authorized representative.

The form I-9 involves the mention of the representative merely as an authorized representative. Even if the representative is a Notary, he must not notarize the form or affix his Notary seal on any document because he is not acting as a public Notary. In case of remote i-9 verification services, it is always to be remembered that the Notary is an authorized representative only and not public Notary. Therefore, it is advantageous to get the form completed from an authorized representative as they tend to know more about the form completion.