BAIS Global Mobility Services 

Global Mobility is on a constant rise and many employees wish to locate to foreign countries in order to bring about a growth in their career. Having worked on an assignment in a foreign country definitely adds value to one’s resume and probably this is the reason why employees seek to re-locate abroad on short term assignments or long term projects of their company.

Advantages of Global Mobility

  • Leads to personal growth and development as well as a boost in the career. Doing international assignment definitely works as a great tool for development of career irrespective of the period served abroad.
  • Companies can lower their talent shortages by hiring talented employees from foreign countries/branch offices.
  • Employees with international experience are considered a great asset to their organization.

It is often observed that companies that have operations throughout the world in multiple countries may send their employees to foreign offices in order to fill the skill gaps and bring about an enhancement in the business and in turn the growth of the organization. However, sending an employee to a completely foreign land comes with many responsibilities and tasks.

BAIS has a team of specialists who know what it takes to plan the whole process for their clients right from planning to employee landing and settling down in a foreign country. We have a number of clients who have partnered with us for getting our mobility services.

Why Choose BAIS Global Mobility Services?

  • BAIS team consists of experienced team members who prepare a thorough plan for the employee/employees who is/are deputed to a foreign country.
  • Complete guidance and support from BAIS team during the entire process.
  • Value-added services that provide utmost satisfaction to client and ease the entire mobility process.

Domestics/International Relocation Management

BAIS is a great service provider of relocation management services. Be it domestic or international relocation, both requires thorough planning and management. BAIS ensures that the entire relocation process is streamlined and carried out perfectly as per the needs of the client.

Advantages of Choosing BAIS for Relocation Services

  • The BAIS relocation team has excellent managers who will be the point of contact to the client or his employees. The manager makes sure all the doubts are cleared and provides assistance at all times.
  • The entire process is made cost effective by BAIS for its clients. Every relocation service is a value-added service.
  • BAIS provides accountability of the entire process right from beginning till the end.
  • For International relocations, BAIS provides complete assistance in visa and immigration services, departure services, pick-up-on-arrival services, temporary accommodation/home finding etc. BAIS provides orientation to those who need it.

Cross-Cultural Training by BAIS

BAIS team specializes in providing cross-cultural training. Our team consists of trainers who have lived in some of the best countries in the world and possess in-depth knowledge of the language, rituals, customs, or the culture followed at these foreign lands.

Advantages of Cross-Cultural Training

  • Easy for deputed employees to adapt to social environment or circle in the foreign country.
  • Inculcates cultural intelligence into trained individual so that he can communicate well.
  • Cross-cultural training helps gain mastery over foreign languages and broadens the professional network of individuals.

Advantages of Choosing BAIS for Cross-Cultural Training

  • Choose the faculty of choice and get the training sessions arranged as per ones convenience.
  • Thorough guidance and constant support during and after the training.
  • BAIS cross-cultural training not only involves the knowledge of required language but also the customs and culture followed in that particular country.

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